Passion Fruit Writing: Exercise 2, Day 2

Week Two: Tiny Changes Create a New Reality.

Did you do something to your bedroom yesterday to make it more beautiful?

I enjoy the movies Nora Ephron writes and I was pleased to see her interviewed in Vogue magazine last fall (it was to promote her new movie, but I don’t remember the title.) Anyway, she said that our purses, in some way, reflect ourselves.

So true…scary, but true! 😉

I’m not asking you to change your purse, although you may want to organize it, but do realize the permanent impact your surroundings have on you. Beauty, however you define it, nourishes your soul and spirit. It rejuvenates you and restores you.

Many of my mentors teach this truth: Julia Cameron, Alexandra Stoddard, Cheryl Richards. And my mother has always lived this so I was blessed to grow up amidst incredible taste and beauty.

And among the many talents I inherited from my mother, her knack for arranging things, coordinating colors and finding incredible home furnishings is not among them. So I can do little things to my surroundings; I need help for the big arrangements and decisions. Fortunately, my sister is a gifted stylist.

Almost 2 years ago a friend gave me an old sofa and I had it recovered. My communication with the upholsterer was so bad (plus I allowed Miss Prudence to make the fabric choice) that I couldn’t stand the sofa after it arrived. We put it out on the street within 15 minutes of its arriving. With no shortage of tears, I realized that the free sofa itself was not beautiful to me; you could even say it was heinously ugly, and my fear of spending money led to a disastrous choice of fabric. Live and learn – the college boys across the street were delighted.

It’s better to admit you dislike something and get rid of it than to punish yourself into eternity by living with a poor design choice.

Writing about and refining your ideas about what is beautiful to you is a permanent process. And a fun one. I like to cut out pictures from magazines of things that appeal to me and post them in my journal. I also have a bunch of lovely pictures on my vision board. You might want to start this practice.

For your journal writing today, I want you to clarify for yourself what beauty means. Not that you’ll do this in 15 minutes, but you can make a great start. Here is one approach and I’ll post another tomorrow:

Free write about things you find beautiful and things you find tacky. Recall past moments of being so impressed by the beauty of a room or a garden, or perhaps a quilt.

We’d love to hear what you think.


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