Passion Fruit Writing: Exercise 2, Day 3

Week Two: Tiny Changes Create a New Reality.

Welcome back!

Today’s lesson is short; we’re continuing on the theme of the power of beauty to inspire, restore and renew.

Some of you are contacting me by email with questions you want to ask anonymously. That is fine.

I am also getting the message that some of you want to work in applying these exercises to your own current situations, with more personalized guidance and being able to share your thoughts and questions with privacy.

The thing is, these are not random, busy-work exercises for women who have not much to do, right? These exercises are strategically designed to help you work laterally with your subconscious mind, to unearth your authentic desires and preferences that have been ignored for a long time because of professional and family obligations.

There is a step-by-step program to use this information to create more happiness in your life, without getting plastic surgery, leaving your family, or needing to inherit a huge chunk of change. I’m putting the scoop on Passion Fruit Living: The E-course, on a tab above this article.

For today, continue to explore your ideal of beauty.

Write a list entitled, “10 Things I Find Beautiful.”

Write colors, plants, patterns, fabrics, places, styles, designers….whatever. Now let’s have a conversation. Share what’s beautiful to you by clicking below where you can leave a comment.


8 responses to “Passion Fruit Writing: Exercise 2, Day 3

  1. 1. Cats Paws – claws and pads!
    2. Birdsong
    3. Trees (at anytime of the year) – they’re so wise!
    4. Puppy Breath – I know weird…but it’s lovely
    5. The smell of woods after rain
    6. Rainy days watching from the lounge with a log fire burning!
    7. Sunshine on my face
    8. My inner circle of friends who make me feel blessed every day
    9. Purring kitties – I love the sound have my cat recorded on my IPhone
    10. The Orchid garden in Singapore – so beautiful

  2. Thanks, Elaine! Here are mine: the colors cream, persimmon, navy and green; shaded patios; little lights; tile floors; order, serenity, the ocean and palmettos.

  3. 1)waterfalls
    2)snowy mornings
    3) sunrise over the ocean
    5)glowing fires in a fireplace
    6)my family
    7)our home
    8)smell of wood smoke
    9)pink and red roses
    10)smell of fresh cyt grass
    Hard to keep it to 10

  4. 1) My beautiful Avery
    2) My beautiful kitty kat Kaila Rose & her purr
    3) Lit candles in the early morning darkness
    4) The smell of wood smoke – brings on memories of scent dejavu experience
    5) The scent of night blooming Jasmine
    6) The scent of beautiful Roses
    7) The smell of wet leaves – brings on memories of scent dejavu experience
    8) Photographs of nature (mountains, lakes, trees, les fleurs)
    9) Organizing & applying principles of feng shui in my home and for others
    10) I am beautiful!

  5. Awwww…Pat and Kathleen — how beautiful! Wish I could play with la bebe Avery. Reading these lists beats preparing stuff for accountant any day!

  6. Oh my gosh thanks so much Laura. It’s so great to be inspired by you. I love the way you write and think. WordPress is still new to me, but will work on your suggestions. Again many thanks. Have a beautiful day! Kathleen

  7. 1.My daughter’s laugh when she was a little girl.
    2.Caribbean Sea
    3.Divine Design-HGTV
    7.Smell of wood smoke
    8.The amazon region
    9.The human brain-how it works of the universe

  8. 1) Watching my dogs play
    2) Hearing the kids in my life giggle with delight
    3) Watching sunsets- especially at the beach
    4) Sitting by the fire
    5) The smell of fresh flowers
    6) The smell/sound/feel of cracking open a new Clairefontaine notebook (with grid format on the pages)
    7) A shared meal rich in friendship, laughter, conversation and food (wine doesn’t hurt, either)
    8) The familiarity of knowing everything I need to know when a friend calls and says “Hi, It’s me”
    9) The feeling of sunlight on my face
    10) Hearing my nieces call me “Tante” (pronounced Tan-ta; Norweigan for Auntie ~ I had a Tante and she was wonderful. To be in her league is a blessing to me)

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