Passion Fruit Writing: Exercise 2, Day 4

We’re already into the second half of Passion Fruit Writing!

This week can you’re working with the power of beauty: to inspire, restore, lift your spirits, and nourish your spirit.

The thing is, it is so easy to forget about beauty in our rushed, over-committed lives. Plus, the American culture does not have a strong tradition of fostering an appreciation for beauty. I think it’s because of those Puritan settlers who thought beauty was evil. In any case, the desire to be practical, thrifty and prudent often takes precedence over our aesthetic values.

So far this week the exercises have included:

1. Write 2 tiny changes you can make to beautify your bedroom.

2. Free write a paragraph about what is beautiful to you.

3. List 10 things you consider to be beautiful.

Now, let’s think about another space where you spend a lot of time: your work space.

Does entering your work space uplift you, encourage you, inspire you? Does the lighting enhance the ambiance, or detract from it? Do you feel supported and creative in your office?

When you get to your office, take a close look all around you. Consider how its appearance makes you feel.

What are 2 tiny changes you can make to your work space?

If you’re interested in working more in depth with the process of rescuing your dreams and preferences, to spend less time rushing around and regain your high level of energy and enthusiasm, check out the tab above this article on Passion Fruit Living: the e-course.


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