Reminder of 5 Radical Reasons to Write

Passion Fruit Writing has been a fun project — I really enjoy getting to share these exercises with you. And there’s still one more week of this, and I wanted to take a break and revisit why to do this in the first place.

1. Writing gets you clarity.

If you’re not sure about what you want, you’re not likely to get it. That’s true for things we want to have, to experience and the way we want to be. Clarifying your preferences brings you closer to them.

2. The page is always there for you.

Let’s face it. Even the most enlightened and positive people have to deal with nasty things: an employer going bankrupt, dog destroying valuable property, your physician telling you that you need more tests, your house not selling, your child’s despair about a class, a sneaking suspicion that your job is sucking out your life force but you need the paycheck.

Writing about these things can help you process negative emotions and move on with more power. AND….writing about them can reinforce their power over you. What you get out of your writing depends on your approach to it.

3. Writing can show you the next step.

If you don’t know what the next step to take in your project, ask your journal Write out different scenarios. If you have every single thing in your life carefully mapped out, you may not be much fun to be with (whiffs of control-freakishness.)

New directions, projects and intentions are scary. Life without them is dreary and monotonous.

4. Writing can be a source of accountability.

We all need to be accountable. Writing down your intended actions for a day, or a week, a month or a year, is one way to do that. When you get down to it, it’s the lack of accountability and encouragement that keeps us stuck, so many times.

5. Writing reminds you who you are.

Writing is also a tool for you to practice being the person you want to be. Through my own writing I have become, however imperfectly, the kind of person who works with deep love for what she does and where she is, who is relaxed, who is confident and appreciative of her many many blessings.

If you look at your New Year’s resolutions and/or intentions, you’ll see a lot about what you want. Writing can bring you closer to becoming that person. Getting encouragement and accountability has been what’s made the difference in my life between wanting a thing and living it.

For far too long, frustration was a predominant theme of my life. I didn’t understand why I wasn’t achieving my goals, and most of all, why people didn’t appreciate all the sacrifices I made to help them, or why no matter how much I did for others, it seemed it was never enough. I am so totally out of that vicious cycle, and it all started when I decided to be on my own side.


One response to “Reminder of 5 Radical Reasons to Write

  1. Very simple message but very powerful. Sometimes things aren’t as complicated as we make them and writing does bring clarity. It’s like being able to talk problems out with a friend instantly.

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