Passion Fruit Writing: Exercise 2, Day 6

To take a look at what we’ve done so far….we spent a week writing about our favorite movies, books, characters and themes. Then we switched gears and explored our concepts of beauty, and actually took action (aka Tiny Changes) to make our bedrooms and work spaces more appealing. These two trains of thought — story themes and beauty — may not seemed interrelated, much less relevant to a happy life. But, there is an answer woven through the threads of this writing course.

I hate to quote Plato, but I’m taking this opportunity to remind you that he, according to the writings of his star pupil, Aristotle, stated that there were 4 ultimate aspirations that every person would seek in a lifetime. These are: Love, Beauty, Justice and Goodness. A life full of these qualities, is indeed a happy life.

The thing is, it’s so easy to get sidetracked by little things like soccer practices, papers to write, papers to grade, bills to pay and aging parents to care for. Passion Fruit Writing is an opportunity and a tool for you to carve a little space in your busy life to remember the things that make you happy. Especially the little things.

So the last exercise of this week is also related to beauty. Today is about your personal beauty.

No, I’m not offering or suggesting Botox, plastic surgery, or even teeth whitening. I’m talking about more Tiny Changes you can make to make yourself more beautiful, either on the inside or the outside, or both.

What are 2 tiny changes you can make to be even more beautiful than you already are?

I’m going to share two tiny changes I’ve made in the last few months. Brace yourself because these two changes may surprise you.

1. I started using hair conditioner regularly. I’ve told you that in the past, for a long time, I had a problem with stinginess. It’s also known as “Fear of Spending Money.” Part of all that was not buying hair conditioner. It’s just not necessary.

Now, I always keep my daughters supplied with it. Part of my life with them has been learning the delicate care of curly hair. But my hair is not curly so I almost never used conditioner in my life. What a great example of how mothers sometimes get in the bad habit of taking care of other people but not themselves! Finally I noticed that so much swimming had taken its toll on my hair and now I use a fancy coconut hair conditioner. It smells great.

2. I also now always blow-dry my hair.

Are you shocked? I thought that blowing my hair dry was a waste of time. I considered that the domain of high-maintenance women. Thank God, I’m now a high-maintenance woman. Hallelujah! Just this modicum of attention to my hair makes me feel more chic.

So, what are  you going to do? Here are some ideas and I want you to share your suggestions with us by writing them in the comment box below this article. Remember these are Tiny Changes, not major make-overs.

1. Get  your hair done. Not even cut, just a blow out.

2. Mani-pedis are always good.

3. A new shirt.

4. New undies.

5. New earrings. (I’m making a bunch of new pairs with my buddy Sally next week-end.)

6. New lipstick.

7. Iron something so you can wear it.

8. Get your daughter, sister, or friend to do your make up.

9. Take out some of your nice jewelry and wear it. (I found a nice gold necklace when I decluttered a magazine basket on Day 1 of this week’s exercise.)

10. Take some time to do some stretching.

Now it’s your turn! And Happy Valentine’s Day!


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