You Can Bounce Back Faster Than Ever!

Isn’t that the life skill?

To bounce back faster each time?

I just found out that someone has a purchase contract on MY house. No, not a house that I own, but I house I wanted to buy, at a very low price. This time, I was sad for only 5 minutes. That’s a record bounce for me and I was impressed.

Here’s what I think makes you bounce back faster:

1. You get enough sleep and you eat well.

I can’t tell you how many clients struggle with the simple issue of sleep. They often have a lot of GREAT things in their lives so that’s something we work on a lot. A few simply have to learn how to say “no” faster and more often. You’d be surprised how much brainpower goes into helping a busy, dynamic go-getter get enough shut eye!

When I was married, anytime I got annoyed with something, or someone, my husband would ask me when I had eaten last.

That used to make me so mad! Because he was right! Low blood sugar and sleep deprivation are FOR SURE going to make you react more negatively to more things.

2. Get exercise 4 or 5 times a week.

I know I’ve written this a dozen times already, but it’s the truth. Exercise is the best therapy for mood management. You don’t have to do an Iron Man competition. Walking 45 minutes 5 times a week is good.

This is easier if you’re eating and sleeping properly. And exercise certainly helps you sleep more soundly!

Any movement that gets your heart pumping is wonderful.

3. Practice daily (hourly?) gratitude.

Life isn’t fair.

And we are the lucky ones.

You know that, it’s just easy to forget, especially if you hang out with complainers.

Develop the habit of writing a list every day of things for which you’re grateful.

(Even though I know this, my coach is “making” me not only write my list, but “verbally” as in “say it out loud, Laura” all the things I’m grateful for.) I hate it when she’s right like that.

One of my clients recently got her husband to write a gratitude list. I’m sure she was at the top of that one — or else! 😉

4. Remind yourself of past times when things worked out for the best, much to your surprise.

I was never going to be divorced (Catholics aren’t supposed to, you know.) But here I am, happy with my life, doing things my way and having more fun than I’ve had in a very long time.

For the record, it’s not that my husband was the source of my unhappiness, it just took that painful divorce to get my attention enough to question my modus operandi. Some of us are hard-headed like that.

Lance Armstrong says getting cancer is the best thing that’s ever happened to him. Imagine.

5. Consider that there’s an alternative interpretation of what’s just happened.

Maybe your boss isn’t about to fire you; she’s simply sleep-deprived herself.

Maybe it’s not about you.

Maybe you’re reading too much into this.

Maybe it doesn’t really matter, anyway.

Whether it’s self care or choosing the best attitude or interpretation of things, it’s all about habits. You don’t get fit in a day, but a little exercise everyday makes you strong quickly!

Bonus Bounce: I make it a “Be Extra Nice to Self” day.

When it’s a really tough thing to swallow, I declare that for the next few hours or the next day, I will be especially nice to myself. Usually that means a nap. And usually I feel better pretty quickly.

What helps you bounce back faster?


2 responses to “You Can Bounce Back Faster Than Ever!

  1. Sorry about the house, but that’s fantastic that you bounced right back.

    This list is really helpful–especially the reminder to eat and get plenty of sleep. It never ceases to amaze me what a difference being fed and well rested makes in my world view :-).

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