What Happens When You Take A Leap of Faith?

Sometimes it works out really well.

Other times,  not so well.

Most of the time, we talk ourselves out of taking that leap of faith. And we stay stuck.

Sometimes, there is just no way around it. Times when you’re almost forced to make that leap, although actually forcing someone to do something would then make it NOT a leap of faith.

Consider these times.

When you decide to marry someone.

Roughly half of all marriages end in divorce. Does that mean you should never get married. Some people have decided that yes, the divorce rate “proves” that marriage is out of date. So they live together.

For others, it just means we’re living long enough and have enough freedom to fail more often than in the past.

When you start your own business or foundation.

Starting any sort of venture requires a huge leap of faith because most likely it will fail. Does that mean no one should ever start a new enterprise?

Does the fact that most (I think 80%) restaurants fail  during their first year mean we should never open new restaurants?

However, when someone in their 50’s starts a new business, it has a much higher success rate than for younger entrepreneurs!

When you ask someone on a date.

I have no idea what the rejection rate is on this one. But it’s up there. What if we all decided never to ask a person on a date?

When you make a speech.

Most of your audience will not be listening to you. You may have to watch them texting, snoozing or staring out the window. Does that mean you should never make a presentation? Or the only people who should make presentations are those who really know what they’re doing? (Is there anyone in that category?)

When you buy an information product, like an e-course.

There are so many sham operations on the internet. How can you trust one provider over another? How do you know if this one will really work for you?

Here’s my take on taking leaps.

I believe in marriage, even though I’m divorced.

I’m grateful for people who start new restaurants, new organizations, new ways to help people (like microloans.)

I’m grateful for all the guys, even though there weren’t THAT many, who’ve asked me out on dates.

I encourage everyone to hone their presentation skills. The power of public speaking is there for you and I’ve seen the lives of my clients transform when they become strong speakers.

I am SO GRATEFUL to Christine Kane, who offered me a opportunity to transform my own life, when I signed up for her e-seminar two years ago. I had no idea if it would work, fortunately she guaranteed my happiness with the product.

I really had no idea that I could enjoy life as much as I do these days. Even my kids comment on how much happier mom is.

That’s why I developed Passion Fruit Living, the e-seminar. And I hope that the next time it’s available, next month, you’ll take a leap of faith and invest in yourself by trying it.


3 responses to “What Happens When You Take A Leap of Faith?

  1. Sounds intriguing!

  2. LM: this is by far one of your best posts. I see maturation and confidence. I look forward to the new e-!! May I send the link to your site to my list?

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