29 Things I Learned About Creating Wealth

Don’t confuse me with Suzy Orman. I’m an academic entrepreneur and coach and mom and a bit lazy but I do love creating wealth. Here are some random-but-important lessons I’ve learned along the way. You can share what you know by responding and make it better for everyone.

1. I am already wealthy. So are you. Even King Solomon did not have indoor plumbing, running hot water or coffee.

2. Creating wealth is a noble enterprise; it’s not the same as getting wealth.

3. Saving and investing each month is a healthy discipline.

4. You can be careful with your money and be high maintenance at the same time. (It just takes creativity!)

5. What you say about money affects your wealth.

6. Being truly happy for people who have even more than you do helps everyone.

7. Without extra cash, you can’t have much of an impact on the world.

8. Hiring people to help you helps them and the whole community.

9. Money is not evil.

10. I largely determine how much I get paid. You do the same.

11. Downtime is extremely valuable to me.

12. Money is replaceable; time is not.

13. Investing in yourself ALWAYS pays you back.

14. Choosing poverty is not necessarily a virtue.

15. Good health is a valuable form of wealth.

16. I constantly increase the value of my contribution to the world. Don’t you?

17. There is plenty of wealth on this planet for everyone.

18. Money favors speedy decisions.

19. A person can’t make and keep more money than she thinks she deserves.

20. Being calm and relaxed about your finances helps you build your wealth.

21. Everyone likes to buy stuff.

22. If you charge too little for your services, people are more likely to find fault with you.

23. There is always a market for Cartier.

24. Money flows toward confidence.

25. Knowledge is incredibly valuable.

26. If you don’t invest in yourself, then how can you expect others to do so?

27. It’s not about the numbers in your bank account; it’s how you feel about what you have.

28. Money is only one form of wealth.

29. Creating wealth is like playing a game.

What have you learned about creating wealth? Please share!


7 responses to “29 Things I Learned About Creating Wealth

  1. Nice posting! My favorite is #15. One’s good health is everything!

    When they have to spend their money investing in land or another business venture, Jim’s business partner always says: “Make more money next month.” Someone once said to Jim many years ago: “One does not make money selling Real Estate, one makes money buying Real Estate.”
    Jim is self-made and owns 45 houses plus our home. Everything is paid for. We drive modest used ‘program’ cars until the wheels fall off. We have a home filled with antiques we bid on ourselves at auction, mostly against dealers who take these items back to their shops and keystone the items (double + 50%). We pay cash/check at auction and save an additional 3%. Decorating the house took about 5 years. It was tons of fun! I spakle, sand and paint. I clean this entire house myself. My closet is 1 rack measuring the span of my long arms. I buy only (if at all) 2 outfits per season. I buy the best I can afford at 70% off (January and July sales) and wear the clothes until the threads fall out. We do not have or want a gardner. We do our own yard work on our 32 acres and enjoy it!! I adore leftovers because it means I do not have to cook!! Jim and I appreciate all that we have and enjoy simple, quiet evenings together. Thanks, Laura. As always, I enjoy your postings!

  2. #28 – Money is only one form of wealth. How true is that! Thanks for the gentle reminder.

  3. I apologize for sounding a little ignorant here, but what is Cartier?

  4. It’s #13 for me…… Investing in yourself ALWAYS pays you back.

    This includes so many things! Exercise, eating, reading, learning, growing, kindness!

    Great post Laura 😀

  5. Love this!! I need to get around to being comfortable with being independently valuable and comfortable with #10.

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