The One Thing You Can Always Do For Yourself Right Now

This is one of the many techniques I’ve learned to relax and move forward in my life. It’s truly made a HUGE difference (ask my kids!) I learned it from coach Christine Kane, who used it as part of the process of healing her bulimia.

It works if you’re overwhelmed, confused, tired, or if you feel awry and you’re not sure why.

It’s a question you ask yourself:

What do I need to do to feel better in this very moment? That means right now.

Maybe you need to go to the bathroom.

Maybe you need a healthy snack.

Maybe you need to take a nap.

Maybe you need a bubble bath.

Maybe you need to organize and plan  your week.

Maybe it’s budgeting your expenses for the month.

Maybe you need to drink a glass of water.

Maybe you need to turn off the cell phone.

Maybe you need to close the door to your office.

Maybe you need to allocate time for returning phone calls.

Maybe you need to ask for help.

Maybe you need to clean out that drawer in your kitchen.

Maybe you need to find your journal and write in it.

Maybe you need to look at the sky.

Maybe you need to remind yourself that you’re doing your best each and every day.

Maybe you need to sign up for Laura’s Authentic Wealth Creation for Women Only E-Course. (Sorry, couldn’t resist. It’s not even ready yet.)

The thing is, asking yourself this one little question gets you out of your drama, your hurt and possible confusion. It can also help you heal.

So many times we’re too busy remembering our tale of woe, how life is passing us by, how blah blah blah. This question snaps off the circuit of repeated unhelpful thinking and ruminating. It’s even good to ask when things are going fine because asking this gets you in the present moment and aware.

Put it in your cell phone, write it in your agenda. Email yourself the question.

What do you need in this very moment? What would make you feel better right now?


4 responses to “The One Thing You Can Always Do For Yourself Right Now

  1. Elizabeth Johnson

    Thank you very much for this blog. Your timing was perfect!!!!
    I was feeling all of the things you described — overwhelmed, confused, tired, awry, and I didn’t really know why. I just decided to write it off as a case of the “Sunday Night Blahs.”
    But, then I started going down the fruitless path of unhelpful thinking and wallowing in my concerns. Ick and boring!!!! And, not helpful at all. Not the person I want to be, and not living in the present moment.
    So, because of your blog, I decided instead of whining to a friend (I’m a single mom), that I would take action.
    My children and I went for a long walk with our dog. We felt the cool, fresh spring air. We drove around for a bit.
    I faced the finances (?) to get through and budget for the end of the month. Felt relieved facing what I’d been avoiding.
    I’m now feeling totally re-energized, back on track, looking forward to signing up to play soccer (on a team for the spring season) this week!!!! Yes, me, a mom with two teenage children.
    I’m also looking forward to taking the steps I need to take in making a career change — but I’m saving that for later this week.
    Thank you for your excellent, timely advice.
    As Tina Turner sings, “you’re simply the best!”

  2. Awwww…..gee, thanks. I have 2 teenagers, too, plus my baby girl turned 12 last week. My 18-year-old son is at ECU so it’s me and my daughters here. I am honored by what you wrote. Take care.

  3. Laura,
    When I first read this, I thought I don’t need anything everything is fine. Except it wasn’t and I’ve had a headache for two days and Excedrin wasn’t even making a dent in it. HMMMM well I realized that I have been hiding from doing what I perceived as a very scary activity. Moving and growing into my next level of acheivement. Actually what I needed was not the Excedrin but confidence in my own abilities.HMMM my headache is subsiding as a write this…Thanks for the question that I will continue to ask myself.
    Have a wonderful day!

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