Come to the New Mixonian!

See it here. Please note the address is now Please bookmark the new address so we can keep in touch!


One response to “Come to the New Mixonian!

  1. Really nice job Laura. Your new super blog came out really nice and I love your title and motto. I know you have put a tremendous amount of work and thoughtfulness into this project. So take a moment and appreciate what you have created. I’m sure the kids are thrilled with Mom’s new venture that will open new pathways to success.

    As I was reading what you had to say about transitions and enjoying right now, I agree that yes! we can learn to be and enjoy in the moment and not let roadblocks stop us from creating. My motto always is “when I find roadblocks I go way around it and forge a new path until it does work.”

    It looks like you’ve found yours – congratulations!


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