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Use the Power of Your Pen to Propel Yourself Forward

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One option would be to write an international bestseller and make a windfall.

But that’s only one way to leverage your journal.

If you’re like most high-achieving women, you  know you’re not motivated by money, really. You value wealth, not as a status symbol, but for what it can do for the people in your life. That’s why so many new micro-loan programs for developing countries are geared towards women; they’re more productive with the money they earn.

On the other hand, it’s the lack of wealth that keeps you from doing a lot of things you’d like to do for yourself, your family and your community.

You also know that, while you’ve got so much to be grateful for, you’ve got a much bigger contribution to make.

So, let’s make it happen.

Before I explain this tool for creating wealth, I want to remind you how powerful our minds are. The most recent issue of Forbes features an excellent article on the incredible power of placebos. It turns out that placebos are even more powerful for relieving pain and nausea than previously realized. Researchers have done brain scans showing that the same chemical reaction takes place in the brains of the drug recipients AND the placebo recipients. Another finding is that patients respond favorably to rituals as part of a medical treatment. No joke!

In the spring of 2008, I began using my journal seriously to create a better life for me and my children. I had been writing in my journal before then, but I learned from an e-course I was taking that I really could script a more attractive future. And how much fun is that!

One of the things I was most clear about was that I wanted to move. I wasn’t sure where, but I knew I wanted to be in the South, near a body of water, and I wanted NEW kitchen and laundry appliances. If you look at my vision boards, they are covered with pictures of the ocean, swimming pools, the Mediterranean Sea, water is everywhere. There’s other stuff too, like a fancy new vacuum cleaner, but it’s clear I crave being near water.

But it was the new kitchen and laundry appliances that really captured my imagination. I was living in this ueber charming cottage, a delightful relic from a time where having one bathroom was considered more than enough. (No need for an outhouse!) And my stove was identical to the one on the “I Love Lucy” television program. The dryer, a nice avocado green, had to be cajoled into working. It did dry the clothes, but you had to ask it nicely.

So I began to write about my ideal home. And new kitchen and laundry appliances were always at the top of my list. Having 3 bathrooms was my  next priority.

Well, there’s not space here for the whole story, but on August 16 of last year, I moved into a recently-remodeled swanky condo (there are plenty of ponds with fountains on the grounds ) in an upscale part of Charleston. There is a fantastic beach exactly 5 miles from my house, and there’s a pool here as well.

We also have 3 bathrooms, for the 3 females living here.

You have the same power to manifest good things in your life. It’s a matter of being intentional about it.

Have you used writing to manifest good things in your life?


Is Having Extra Money Really Evil? Why Are Teachers Underpaid?

Is money the root of all evil? Is the love of money the root of all evil? Why do teachers earn less than welders?

It’s worthwhile to ponder these questions. If you’re like me, you may have some ideas about money that actually keep it away from you. Like being too intellectual to make extra money.

Notice how you feel as you read these statements.

1. At least I have a job.

Is that the best you can say? Do you not enjoy what you do? Are you contributing at the level you’d like to?

You hear this a lot these days. Gratitude is a great attitude to have. However, if you’re really grateful and happy with your job, you’re probably  more likely to think, What a great job I have!

2. Teachers are underpaid.

Really? Then why are we teachers? How many occupations allow as much free time as teachers enjoy? For a long time I was too afraid to try something else, maybe you are, too.

What really determines the value of any job? Education is a beautiful thing of wonder, but certainly today any committed person can experience a phenomenal education without ever entering an institutional school.

Teachers make a trade: job security in exchange for playing the educational institution game. There are other ways to teach, like corporate training and personal coaching, that pay far more; these kinds of teachers also know how to market themselves in a more profitable way.

If you honestly think you’re not being paid what you deserve, then why aren’t you doing something else?

3. I’m a mom, first.

This was so me for so long. I never imagined that I could both spend time with my kids and make serious income. That paradigm was outside of my imagination. Today “mom-preneuring” is all over the place so others are showing us that having time at home is not mutually exclusive to making good income.

The bottom line.

If you’re perfectly satisfied with your income and net worth, there is nothing to think about. Otherwise, take a moment and write out all the assumptions you can think about that are related to money and wealth creation.

If you’re not sure, write out some possible assumptions. Then go through and ask yourself, “Is it absolutely positively and always true?” You might surprise yourself.

Learn New Stuff About Wealth Creation

Working with Christine Kane who turned my finances around. She helped me see that even a divorced, home-schooling, academic like me could make serious income without jumping through other people’s hoops. (Been there…)

If you’re in business, have a side business, or are thinking about making money, sign up for my mentor Christine Kane’s upcoming FREE teleseminar, called “Uplevel Your Business: 5 Simple Ways to Create Your Wealthiest Year Yet.” I’ll be there. Here’s the link to register. (It’s free even though it says “shopping cart.’) I will definitely be on this call.

It’s January 20!

How Nice, Smart People Can Have More Money This Year

Do you remember certain people from high school, the ones you knew would make boat loads of money? And they did.

I remember in particular a couple of guys at my high school, one who was set on becoming a rich medical doctor since middle school, and he’s, well, loaded. Another guy, the wheeler-dealer type, took over his dad’s business and made it grow like crazy. Then there were the pretty cheerleaders who were destined to marry guys like these.

The thinking was, and still is for most people, that certain people are just made for creating wealth. Conversely there  are other people, the nice smart ones, who are made for just getting by. Our work is to shrink our desires to fit our incomes.

We get to be teachers.

That was my path, maybe you can relate.

What I’ve discovered is that the people who make money are the people who simply commit to doing so. That includes musicians without a label, therapists, nurses, employees of any type, writers, and yes, even teachers!

I wrote a little bit about wealth creation for nice people a few weeks ago. It was called “What Clarity and Confidence Have to Do with Wealth.” You can read that here.

If this interests you, I want you to know is that the new material that I’ve added to Real Life Clarity 101: the e-course is all about wealth creation for nice and smart people. It’s not about selling narcotics on the side; it’s about living in a different way that allows you to experience more abundance. It’s a process, not an event.

I’m also including a special report about delegating and outsourcing. One way to make more money quickly is to have someone else do your work. That’s what this report is about, “The Wealth Creator’s Guide to Getting Other People to Do Your Job.”

It’s kinda like what Tom Sawyer did when he got his buddies to paint the white fence for me. Remember?

Anyway, just thought I’d let you know. The report isn’t quite finished yet; it’s a lot longer than I thought it would be.

You get yours free when you sign up for Real Life Clarity 101: the e-course. (As soon as I finish it.)

Early-bird discount ends Thursday. You can read more about the e-course here. I’m excited about it!

Exercise Builds Your Confidence

You already know exercise is good for your body and stress level. Exercise also builds your confidence.

Confidence is indispensable to winning clients, friends, and even getting along with your in-laws.

Exercise also brings you your best new ideas.

I’m bringing this up because I know it’s so hard to get exercise during this time of year: the holiday madness, the darkness, the cold, the colds.

A little exercise is better than none.

Commit to 5 minutes and maybe you’ll stick around for 15 minutes.

I wrote more about this in The 7 Habits of Highly Confident People. You can read it here.

Just a gentle reminder: incorporate exercise into your routine.

What Clarity and Confidence Have to Do with Wealth

You may have read my article that Christine Kane published last week. (If not, it’s here.) It seems to have resonated with many of you.

As you may have figured out by now, I love to write. And writing this article was unexpectedly challenging. I went over it word by word with Christine, because I felt so….well, insecure. Remember I TEACH writing, and yet I was nervous.  (Like “are these people gonna see me as greedy?”)

Wealth is a loaded term. That’s why it’s not considered a topic for polite conversation. Especially for women.

The thing is, it’s truly not about the Ben Franklins, baby.

Apparently a lot of you are, like me, creating a better relationship with money. Not that we’re dumpster diving to feed ourselves, but hey, why not create wealth?

Why not create abundance, health and be happy?

Here are five transformational lessons I learned this year about money.

1. It’s not how much money you have, or don’t have. It’s is all about your feelings to the money you do have.

Learning that some people (actually A LOT)  have large sums of money in their bank accounts and are actually as poverty-stricken as the hungry of Calcutta, was a HUGE breakthrough for me. That made me see how it’s not the quantity of dollar signs, it’s the relationship with the world.

2. Learning number one helped me appreciate the immense power of gratitude. That was the theme of last month’s newsletter so I won’t repeat it. But if you think about it, being grateful puts you in the present moment and more able to discern opportunities that are sitting under your nose at this very minute. Gratefulness also relaxes you.

3. Creating wealth is a process, not an event. Winning the lottery is an event. Most lottery winners end up broke within a few years after their wind fall. The same thing happens to many athletes after their stellar careers end. More evidence: it’s not the Ben Franklins, it’s the relationship.

The first step in this process is to set the intention to experience wealth. Let that sink in for a while.

4. The next step is to get behind why you desire wealth. What do you think wealth will bring you? Wealth is not happiness. So why do you want to create wealth?

Here are three of my reasons:

* I see it as a fun and creative project in which I can grow my talents and make a significant contribution.

* I want to be relaxed about money. Following my divorce, I experienced severe anxiety about how I was going to take care of myself. Today I am relaxed about money; I know I can take care of myself. I’m still in the process of discerning the difference between stinginess and prudence with money, but I’m so much better than before!

The KEY to this is investing in yourself. Until you are willing to put some skin in the game, there is no game. In other words, your intention remains mind chatter until you take action.

*I want to experience more nice clothes, trips, and goodies. But I’m already doing that.

You’ve probably come across a child who has so many toys she doesn’t even know what she has. Those kids are so hard to buy for, you feel like whatever you give them, it’s not enough. Usually, those children are not happy campers. The same thing applies to us. It’s not a good idea to get everything you want at once.

5. You gotta educate yourself about wealth. I have an MBA and most of what I learned way back about creating wealth is obsolete. The best starting place I can recommend is any book by Robert Kiyosaki.

Wealth has been defined as the ability to fully experience life. What do you want to experience?

Real Life Clarity 101 For You

Real Life Clarity 101, the e-course, might be for you if you if you’re contemplating your next step in life. If you are perhaps overwhelmed, or feeling like you’d like a change in your life but you’re not sure how to go about it. Or if you’re facing a major decision. All of these played a key role in my getting started on this path to what I consider authentic success….a life of my design, on my terms. This e-course is all about clarity to know what you really want and confidence to go for it.

That whole process is what I put in the ongoing Choose Clarity + Confidence e-course. I decided to re-offer it in January with new material added. It’s a great way to get through those winter doldrums on an upbeat: with clarity to know what you really want and confidence to pursue it.

This is what Real Life Clarity 101 offers you:

  • Know what you really want versus what you’re supposed to want.
  • Create space for the new experiences you want.
  • Be confident in your decisions, actions, and attitudes.
  • Have more time for yourself and your special priorities.
  • Learn to truly value and take optimal care of yourself.
  • Recognize and break out of patterns that are holding you back.
  • Make better decisions faster!
  • Build rituals that serve you.

 I had so much fun putting this e-course together and I did it with one purpose: to share what I’ve learned to help other women be clear and confident. This is not a “get rich quick” or “have all the answers by tomorrow” e-course. I’m simply going through the process with you of defining what authentic success is for you, clearing out stuff that’s holding you back, and creating tools to help you get what you truly want. 

The thing is, it’s hard to recognize how you’re limiting yourself without compassionate and objective feedback. My own mentors have shown me that I am much more powerful than I ever really imagined. One enormous breakthrough my coach showed me was the cold realization that I was addicted to making things harder than they had to be! In other words, I was holding myself back. That is true more often than you think.

This e-course is for smart women who are doing fine, but you know inside you that there is potential for so much more to experience. It took a shocking, painful separation from my husband over 4 years ago, that led to an unwanted divorce, to shake me out of my own comfort zone and become a more powerful and happier person. The results have been phenomenal: I have become the confident, self-reliant person I always wanted to be. I no longer feel like the victim of circumstances.

Here’s how Real Life Clarity 101 is structured:

  • An interactive e-mail workshop January 18 through February 19, 2010.
  • You get to do the process on your own schedule, from your home or office.
  • 5 weeks of daily insights delivered to you.
  • Flexible weekly assignments to turn in for compassionate and objective feedback.
  • Guidelines for you to make tiny changes that cause huge impact.
  • A chance to focus and reflect on what’s really going on in your life.
  • Opportunity to sift through your priorities to determine what’s really important to you.
  • Support in identifying and letting go of energy drains.
  • Communicate more clearly and confidently.
  • Support material for your continued success after the e-course.
  • 100% money-back guarantee for first 10 days of the e-course – no questions asked!

For additional information and registration details, send an email with your name and “clarity” in the subject line to

Because of my time limits, participation in the e-course is limited to a handful. I really enjoy the one-on-one coaching through email so applicants are accepted on a first-come basis. Early-bird price cut available.