Rescue your dreams and live them.

I’d love for you to come to my house one evening, sit on my apricot-colored suede sofa with big, colorful cushions and meet my friends. We could drink hot tea by the fire, and talk about our lives, how we’re doing and our favorite projects. We’d ask each other what we can do to break through what we see as obstacles, and also remember to enjoy the process of sharing, contributing and loving.

I really expect us to get together one fine day in Charleston, but for right now, let’s meet here on the blog.

I’m making this possible by offering a free writing program that starts February 2. You’ll have writing exercises for you to leverage your journal, plus the opportunity to share experiences and encouragement with others.


First of all, you want to commit 5 minutes a day to this writing project. You can do it anywhere and this simple act of focusing on you for five minutes a day will bring your clarity and confidence to a much higher level.

If 5 minutes is not do-able, commit to 3 minutes a day, 5 days in the week.

Beginning Tuesday, February 2, I’ll post an exercise for you to work on a bit each day.

What will happen as you work on these writing exercises is this:

* You’ll remember things you used to love in your life.

* You’ll begin to see patterns, some you like and others you want to change.

* You’ll get excited again.

* You’ll think of new projects you want to do.

* You’ll see easy baby steps you can do to make these projects happen.

* You’ll connect with other wow women.

* You’ll see that this is just the beginning of a new supportive ritual for you.

You are not alone.

We are all in this together. We all want great relationships, good health, time with our loved ones and freedom from excessive worries. PASSION FRUIT WRITING is all about remembering what you used to be excited about and bringing that passion back into your life.

You might want to do this with your honey. Or your best buddy.

We’ll share the process and encourage each other to journey down that road less traveled!

Mark your calendar now and locate that fabulous journal of yours!



  1. Welcome to Passion Fruit Writing. You can start at the beginning which was February 02, or just jump right in. Your brooches are beautiful!

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