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Coming soon….Authentic Wealth Creation for Women Only E-course. How to Think Rich and Feel Happy, Safe and Pampered. Stop self sabotage around money and self-value issues. Start living First Class now and be a positive role model for your circle of influence! These are key concepts our mothers, teachers and professors never taught us because they had no idea. At a fundamental level, women relate to money differently from men; learn what’s holding you back from feeling rich and secure. 8 weeks of emailed insights, audio recordings, conference calls and beautiful handouts. Starts in April. Class size limited.

After working with thousands of individuals, I find that most already know exactly what they need to do to create outrageous results in every area of their life… They just don’t do it! The fact is… High achievers who have coaches always achieve more than those who don’t… Observe anyone at the top of their game and the results will be the same – they’ve all had valuable guidance and direction, and more often than not, it comes in the form of a coach.

– Jack Canfield, co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series

If you’re ready to move forward in your life in a bigger way, and be a more successful you, you’re in right place, at the right time. For more scoop or questions about any of these programs, send me an email to

Before reading about these specific programs, let me spell out the three major objectives of my whole business (that will save you time in case these don’t apply to you.)

Purpose #1: Ignite your vision for some very real, more powerful possibilities for the way you live your life. Face it, if you already knew what do to, you wouldn’t be reading this. The fact that you are suggests that you may a bit (or actually very) stuck in some area of your life, you’ve been working way too hard for the results you’ve gotten. Believe me, I know that incredible frustration. There are options that you can’t even imagine right now.

Purpose #2: Strengthen your core confidence that it takes to transform these possibilities into your reality. Remember that people only use less than 10% of their brain power? Well, you can expand on that to see that while you may be working your butt off, you’re not seeing the results you’re capable of achieving. I’ll bet that, like in my case, part of my problem was that I was working too hard! Busting my butt to do what I thought I was “supposed” to do, without really listening to myself. You have so much more inner strength to leverage than you realize.

Purpose #3: Build rituals and habits to sustain that incredible momentum. Way back, Aristotle noted that excellence was the sum of your habits; it’s not an event. The same can be said for any sort of success. Icky stuff happens, people get derailed, sometimes for way too long. By designing your entire life so that you are consistently becoming stronger and happier, these “derailments” become “blips” on the horizon. The great thing is that these habits build and build and build, and the people in your life notice! It’s a great feeling! (My kids are so happy I discovered this, they don’t have to worry about their mom anymore.)

So, here are my cool products. Have to say, I’m really happy with them.

3-Month Private Coaching Programs for personalized attention to catapult your confidence and clarity to get the things you want to manifest your authentic success at a higher level. Coaching is the most powerful self-development tool on the planet. You will love the results. Acceptance into a program is by application only — coaching is so powerful when the match between coach and client is perfect.

Presentation Wow

Take your presentation from What? to Wow! This step-by-step program is available via one-on-one coaching or on-site workshops. Upgrade your presentation skills and take your career to the next level. Certificates awarded for completion of Presentation Wow Skills Competency Program.

Speech Anxiety Zapper Program

A mini-coaching program that gets my clients OVER their fear of speaking in front of groups. It’s not for everyone, so we go through a pre-coaching interview to see if my program would work for you. By finding out if you’re at the right place for us to work together, I can 100% guarantee your results. Email me at to set up an exploratory conversation.

Speaking Engagements. My current favorite talk to give is “Bodacious Tools for Creative Life Leadership.” I also speak on my research into the powerful communication of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

Friday/Saturday creative life leadership retreats for women in Charleston twice a year. We do stuff like improv, network, share success strategies, and support each other with our warm intelligence. It’s for when you need to get your groove back, or get that extra delicious¬†momentum.


3 responses to “Cool Products

  1. SpAZ–what a great title! I love it!

  2. Hmmm, I sense synchronicity at play. Put out a recent heartfelt request for help with my next step and ‘found’ your webite.

    I think the universe answered. Please put me on your email list. Thank you, Lenita

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