I really recommend that if you have not done Laura’s exercises, and your life is stuck in any way that she has described, DO the passion fruit exercises that she has so clearly laid out to jump-start whatever it is inside you that wants to come out and be and do in life! The exercises have helped me immensely!


Kathleen Lamoureux


I strongly recommend Laura’s course because taking the time to obtain clarity NOW can help you cope with the unexpected.  Shortly after I took Laura’s course the organization I work for imploded.  Knowing beforehand what my personal goals and visions is helping me navigate this period of instability.  I am able to pursue my own goals with confidence – because I already knew what they are.

— Melissa Epstein, PhD

Dr. Laura Mixon is a super life coach and a communications dynamo and with her input, I have really ramped up my presentation skills.

Chef Nancy Waldek, http://tasteandsavor.com

I like the blog.  You would have been proud of me.  I spoke in front of approximately 100 people at our annual Christmas Auction at __________ on Friday, the 13th.  My sister/best friend gave me her honest opinion.  She said that I seemed very poised & confident.  I was so glad that I was not extremely nervous like I have been in the past.  Your blogs are a huge help & I learned a lot during our summer coaching sessions.  Thank you so much Laura!

Donna Tedder, coaching client.

The Choose Clarity and Confidence e-course is AWESOME! Thank you!

Carrie Peeples

I got so much more than I expected from the Presentation Wow Workshop. The time just flew by in a second. I found the material extremely helpful but it didn’t feel like a seminar, more like just learning with good friends. Now I’m so much enjoying the Choose Clarity and Confidence e-course. Wow. Thank you!

Martha Gamboa

Even though I had recently taken a public speaking course at the university, I got so much out of the Presentation Wow Workshop. Laura helped me feel more confident in making presentations, even though I have a foreign accent. She showed me exactly how to deal with that. Highly recommended.

Antje Weser, producer at WITN, Washington, NC

Dear Reader: There are many more of these, I just gotta find them! Laura


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